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A focus on business process review and optimisation is central to our methodology at Clear Business Outcome.

Led by consultants who understand the software and your industry, we can ensure that your Epicor project is configured to deliver the maximum return on investment. For this reason, our implementation timeline always begins with a thorough review of your business processes.

Process mapping software

We use XSOL, a leading process mapping software tool, to capture and understand your business processes in their current state. XSOL creates a visual map of every process in your business, including all of the steps involved and the inputs/outputs expected from each step.

The benefit of using this software, as opposed to a purely manual process mapping exercise, is that it reveals what your employees do in real life to complete a process. It doesn’t show what they think they do – or what they do in their manager’s version of the truth.

We can use the tool to create a common visual model of your entire business. It’s then possible to see how your organisation operates, how processes interoperate and how tasks within processes need to correspond with your Epicor ERP system.