SAP Business one Reporting

FastClose enables the management team to be self-sufficient in building the key reports for the month-end without any help from the IT department. Super easy to use and by using our templates and prebuilt solutions, you will build best-of-breed reporting in hours. Please click on the videos above to find out more and request a free trial today.

Why FastClose?

FastClose is an intuitive management reporting tool that will enable you to rapidly build out operational and audit reports.

Once you have built your key management reports you can publish these out to your management team that will have the capability of changing on-the-fly reports that you have built for them with simple select options to change periods, years, and in fact any element that you have selected in the reports.

FastClose has 5 interfaces.

1. The designer that enables you to build reports and publish them to your customers.

2. Read and Drill that lets your customers consume reports.

3. The Excel Plugin enables customers to run live FastClose reports directly in Excel.

4. The email scheduler that can publish all the reporting in an email pack through Excel.

5. Using the scheduler FastClose reports can be saved to a central location to be consumed by any graphics product.

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