Multi-Dimensional Reporting for SAP Business One

Read and Drill showing P&L with drill down to Journals and Invoices
We use FastClose in so many different areas of reporting that it's hard to quantify all the savings that we make. We know we save at least £10k per annum in accounting time on our corporate monthly management pack but that is just one area of use. We also use it in Cashflow, AR, inventory etc... FastClose has paid for itself many times over. Dan - Quixant
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As a powerful ERP, SAP Business One offers up to 10 segments to describe your business transactions out of the box; these are the dimensions that you measure your business by. Good examples of these types of dimensions are items like Company, Division, Business Unit, Region, and Account code. Additionally, when you want to do margin (or any other operational) reporting out of the GL, you might also need to capture data such as Product, Customer, Regional, Vendor, and Employee.

These postings are automatically posted when you raise an invoice or process a purchase order. No human intervention is required and the amount of data created and as a result available to run your business from the secure GL is immense. You might want to analyse the GL sales account by both product and customer. In SAP Business One, these analysis dimensions are known as cost centres. SAP B1 provides 5 of these, plenty of scope for analysis.

To take advantage of all of this data and these dimensions to get the business insight you need, you need a multidimensional reporting and enquiry tool – like FastClose – which runs in real-time right out of the SAP database.

When building SAP Business One reports, FastClose can not only drill down to the detailed GL transactions but it can go even further… something we call drill around. For example, from the detailed journal, using an AR invoice number, you can drill first to that subledger and then on to the original sales order. Management teams need to get to this data, and the month end gets slowed down massively if they don’t have a tool like FastClose.

FastClose delivers access to a broad array of templates spanning the full spectrum of SAP Business One Reporting and Financial Reporting functionality:

General Ledger,

Accounts Payable,

Accounts Receivable,

Sales Order Processing,

Purchase Order Processing

and Inventory.

Many SAP Business One customers never make use of this amazing data asset because they lack software, such as FastClose, to harness it.


Excel is an essential tool for the management team. With the FastClose Excel add-in, they can work with any number of pre-built FastClose reports, changing filters in real-time delivering up to the minute data that can be used to build "What-If" models, or other reports, on the data retrieved.

With Read & Drill, reporting users can consume selected reports whilst amending filters such as Month or Department to get the view they need. With drill down to detail or across to related subledgers.

FastClose takes the pain out of delivering PowerBI dashboards and other content. Leveraging it's skill at extracting, enriching and delivering data - FastClose can also be integrated as a datasource to PowerBI with ease.

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Get Started

With installation and configuration possible in as little as 40 minutes, contact us and we will connect you with one of our implementation partners (if one exists for your area), or get you up and running ourselves.
Contact us  to arrange installation and connection to your SAP Business One instances
FastClose can be installed and connected to your SAP Business One instances, complete with out-of-the-box content in around 40 minutes. Where you have more than one instance, FastClose can combine and consolidate results into a single unified report.

FastClose connects to SAP Business One
Users immediately benefit from out-of-the-box content in the "Read & Drill" and Excel Addin products.

However, there will inevitably be reporting needs that are specific to the way you do business.

Whilst creating your own FastClose reports isn't hard, we recognise that accounting teams and other users often don't have the time to learn a new design tool.

With "FastCose Designer" your SAP implementation partner can build out and deploy new reporting content to your requirements rapidly.

And if your team do have a bit more time they too can discover the flexibility and power of "FastClose Designer" for themselves.