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Reporting for Nextworld

Nextworld Reporting

Customisable out of the box richness

Nextworld is a modern, pure cloud ERP company built by experienced ERP veterans. Built on a no-code platform, the Nextworld ERP dellivers unprecedented agility, enabling customers to make major customizations to the base code and yet still be able to take upgrades

As a powerful ERP, Nextworld offers flexible user defined dimensions as well as those out of the box to describe business transactions such as Company, Division, Business Unit, Region, and Account code.

FastClose delivers Nextworld reporting direct to the desktop

To take advantage of all of this customisable data and get business insight, you need a multidimensional reporting and enquiry tool – like FastClose – which can run in real-time across the internet interrogating the data using the Nextworld REST API either standalone or embedded live in Excel.

There is no need for a secondary reporting database and with FastClose’s unique real-time Virtual OLAP technology there is minimum hit to the Nextworld instance.

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Epicor Reporting

FastClose creates value from the get-go

FastClose solves problems and creates value by getting straight to the numbers and content.

When building Nextworld reports, FastClose can not only drill down to the detailed GL transactions but it can go even further… something we call drill around. For example, from the detailed journal, using an AR invoice number, you can drill first to that subledger and then back to Nextworld itself to get to key information, even a copy of the invoice if this has been stored in Nextworld.

Management teams need to get to this data, and the month end gets slowed down massively if they don’t have a tool like FastClose. Then once the numbers are reconciled all the key management reports can be run live in Excel to produce the monthly management pack in the format your company requires.

FastClose delivers access to an array of templates spanning Nextworld Reporting and Financial Reporting functionality.

FastClose delivers access to a broad array of templates

Nextworld with the power of its no-code customisability allows customers to capture an amazing data asset. And with reporting tools, such as FastClose, they can fully harness it.

FastClose are delighted to be an ISV partner of Nextworld®. Read more about the tie up here.



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Pull data and lay it out as you wish, style to get the right look and feel. Create new insight through the use of calculations, hierarchies and other power features. Organize data for planning activities. Publish for use in Excel or by Web users.

Find out more about the power reporting features in Designer.

Get started

With installation and configuration possible in as little as 40 minutes, contact us and we will connect you with one of our implementation partners (if one exists for your area), or get you up and running ourselves.

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To arrange installation and connection to your Nextworld instances


FastClose can be installed and connected to your Nextworld instances, complete with out-of-the-box content in around 40 minutes.

Up and running

Users immediately benefit from out-of-the-box content in the "Read & Drill" and Excel Addin products.

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