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Real-time CPM

With Version 3, FastClose transitions from being a pure reporting solution to the broader realm of real-time Corporate Performance Management (CPM), continuing to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base.


Weak reporting tools often lead businesses to consider duplicating data to other platforms or writing their own SQL queries.

However, these approaches come with integration complexities, data integrity and security risks, additional costs, and require technical expertise.

Planning & Budgeting

Using the FastClose Excel Addin, plan budgets, leveraging historical data and then upload to benchmark performance.


Providing access to key organizational information is not risk free.

FastClose utilizes an integrated security framework that not only protects sensitive information but also empowers businesses to maintain control over key reports, graphics, and KPIs.

Excel Integration

FastClose embraces Excel as an indispensable tool for management teams, serving as a powerful platform for data analysis, financial planning, and other reporting tasks.

Cloud or ”On Prem”

Overcome the limitations of cloud-based ERP interfaces and complex querying syntax whilst eliminating the need for additional data platforms.

FastClose delivered “On-Prem” or SaaS.

Audit & Reconciliation

Crucial for financial accuracy, yet ERP systems often fall short in this area. Many businesses face challenges with reconciling control accounts and stock balances.

With dedicated dashboarding reports, such as Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) and stock reconciliation, swiftly identify reconciliation discrepancies

Group Consolidation

Producing consolidated group accounts that include foreign currency subsidiaries with translation of assets and liabilities and P&L accounts at different exchange rates – can be quite complex…


FastClose integrates beautifully with Power BI, serving as a streamlined data source, leveraging our expertise in hiding the complexity of ERP data structures.

It simplifies the data access and shaping process in Power BI, saving up to 70% of development effort.

FastClose for Epicor, SAP Business One, Nextworld and Unit 4 Coda

Reporting, Planning & Budgeting, Analytics, Audit & Reconciliation and Group Consolidation

In Excel, in your Browser, or on your Desktop

“On Prem” or in the Cloud – and secure

Corporate Performance Management (more than just FP&A) all under one roof at a price to fit your business.

Recent News

March 2024:

FastClose showcases Planning and Budgeting solution to the Epicor User Group.

March 11th 2024, Nick Gomersall, CEO of FastClose, walked through budgeting and planning with FastClose over the Epicor platform (both on-prem and cloud).

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What is FastClose?

FastClose is a reporting solution with a built-in understanding of the structure of your ERP out of the box
  • Installs and can be delivering value against your own data in under 40 minutes.
  • Different tools for different types of user
  • Integrates with both Excel and Power BI.
Boasting an interface geared towards users, typically accountants, who know what they need but may not know their way around the ERP database, it allows them to design and build complex reports to their exacting needs, without help from IT.

Access All Areas

FastClose delivers Corporate Performance Management
spanning the full spectrum of Epicor, SAP Business
One and Nextworld functionality beyond simply financials.

Multi-company, multi-currency, with support for books with monthly, weekly, and even yearly accounting periods, all at the same time.

Modules include

SAP Business One & Epicor



Learn more about the modules  available for your ERP:

Why FastClose?

Accelerate month end

Ever tried getting hold of an accountant at month end? They dont want to ignore you but they have so much to do: Reconciling control accounts, producing flash reports, explaining variances, sorting out Excel errors closing the books.

Month end is painful because that is when the visibility of the financial position becomes clear. Reliance has to be placed on fiddly excel reports to resolve issues because ERP vendors rarely provide effective, drillable, reporting tools.

FastClose puts the power back in the hands of the people that need it. With reports run against live real-time data at any time, cost centre managers can see their numbers change throughout the month and correct errors in the moment, rather than waiting to month end. Which makes for a much happier accounts team and a smoother faster close at the end of the month.

Self-service reporting

FastClose is an easy to use, fast to deploy, operational reporting and enquiry solution. FastClose enables you to quickly build powerful management reports directly against your ERP data at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a BI solution.

Built to work directly over the ERP tables FastClose comes with pre-built templates and solutions that cover the spectrum required for Corporate Performance Management. Not just financials but beyond into Inventory, manufacturing, projects and more.

Corporate Performance Management

When Gartner retired the term Corporate Performance management and replaced it with Financial Planning and Analysis, they placed a tranche of legitimate reporting targets outside of this category: Manufacturing? Inventory? Projects? FastClose are proud to be more than an FP&A company and to cover the breadth of CPM.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is more than just reporting against the breadth of the data in your ERP beyond your financials.

Its also about the ability to complete planning activities against that data whichever metrics they may be, financial or not.

And to support the delivery of insightful analytics too. 

All on a secure and robust platform, against your data in realtime, picking up the most recent additions to your datasets, in the moment.



for Report Power Users

Build reports with drill to detail or other related reports. Control and publish to end users. Lock down data in any dimension of your ERP, securing data by such facets as company, cost centre, account code and warehouse.

You’ve got the Power!

Read & navigate

see live numbers anytime

Live published reports allow managers and executives to see in real time how the numbers are changing.

Drill down to transaction detail to spot problems early in the month or navigate to related reports that provide a different perspective

Excel add-in

FastClose reporting live in Excel

Consume FastClose reports directly in Excel. Change dimension filters and run reports live. Combine multiple reports in workbooks.

FastClose gives you the best of both worlds: controlled reports that deliver accurate numbers live in Excel for further analysis.


KPI or visualise quantities

Dramatically accelerate the delivery of Power BI dashboards and analytics
with FastClose then automate the flow of data.

Let FastClose make finding that KPI or creating that dataset easy, then push
it to Power BI and your users


Find out how much you are spending on month end
accounting with our ROI calculator and how much you
could save with FastClose

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