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The FastClose reporting tool connects to both Epicor On-Prem (9, 10 and Kinetic) and Epicor in the Cloud in real time. What you see, is what you just posted, up to the moment Epicor reporting. With regard to Epicor Public Cloud, we believe this is something that no other third-party Epicor reporting tool can do, at the time of writing. 

Further, FastClose also now supports the vintage Epicor Enterprise 7 platform for the GL, making it possible to do Epicor Enterprise Reporting.

Epicor Reporting

Epicor delivers first class ERP software

Epicor delivers first class ERP software, and particularly for Manufacturers, is the ERP of choice. Boasting an immensely powerful chart of accounts, with over 20 segments, many of which can be posted to automatically with no manual intervention, it’s financials are impressive. It is multi-company, multi-currency, and can support books with monthly, weekly, and even yearly accounting periods, all at the same time.

FastClose was designed from the ground up to be really easy to use and to get you going as fast as possible. It ships with pre-built templates and solutions for P&L’s, Balance Sheets and Customer Margin reporting and a host of other Epicor reports, as well as cross company and cross instance, multi-currency consolidation – making consolidated group reporting a breeze. Given FastClose can be installed and running in as little as 40 minutes on a free trial, why wait?

Going beyond the GL to enable a Fast month-end Close

In addition to its excellent GL, Epicor provides Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) subledgers that feed it seamlessly. And in turn to feed AR and AP, also provides ledgers for Sales Order Processing “SOP” (your order book) and Purchase Order Processing “POP” (your purchasing commitments).

SAP B1 Reporting

As you would expect, FastClose can report over all of these in an ad-hoc “hands on” way enabling your Finance team to surf fluidly from one to the other, following the impact of orders to invoices and through to the GL or in the other direction, discovering the source of a transaction. This fluidity saves Accounts teams countless hours, investigating discrepancies, allowing them to close the books fast. Time is money and you can find out how much you could save, using our ROI calculator, here.

Drill Down

More than Financials – Manufacturing and Stock too

But as the manufacturers choice, Epicor is much more than just Financials. It delivers best in class data processing for manufacturing activities and the inventory and warehouse management that support it.

Operations teams are increasingly leveraging FastClose capabilities in this area to understand their Stock position, for example which items are slow moving, which supplies are soon to be exhausted, or reviewing their position “As Of” a point of time in the recent past.

And on the manufacturing side, clients are using FastClose Bill of Materials (BoM) reporting over Epicor Bill of Materials as an input to cost projection models in Excel (using the FastClose Excel addin) enabling them to understand how the cost of manufacturing is changing as the price of particular raw materials rises.

Moving into the area of manufacturing jobs it is possible to see why a job has not been issued with a part as you can drill directly to the stock tables to check on availability, and if none then through to purchasing to see if it is on order. All these reports can be run live in Excel to produce a real-time stock available by part spreadsheet.

Elsewhere you can also check in on Fixed Asset management and depreciation, banking, long lead time container shipments, goods shipped or received not invoiced and much more.

Check out the modules below for more on how FastClose can help you across different areas of Epicor.

In summary then, FastClose supercharges the power of Epicor, moving far beyond Epicor reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Financial Report Designer and BAQ’s, providing a tool simple enough for non-technical users that changes their world, delivering the breadth of Epicor reports they require.

FastClose delivers access to a broad array of templates and solutions

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Trial Balances, P&Ls, Balance Sheets, and Rolling Month reporting with drill down to journals and transactions.

What exactly are those periodic postings?

Multi-company and multi-currency consolidation for total Group reporting


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Pull data and lay it out as you wish, style to get the right look and feel. Create new insight through the use of calculations, hierarchies and other power features. Organize data for planning activities. Publish for use in Excel or by Web users.

Find out more about the power reporting features in Designer.

Get started

With installation and configuration possible in as little as 40 minutes, contact us and we will connect you with one of our implementation partners (if one exists for your area), or get you up and running ourselves.

Contact us

To arrange installation and connection to your Epicor instances


FastClose can be installed and connected to your Epicor instances, complete with out of the box content in around 40 minutes.

Up and running

Creating your own reports starting with our templates or samples is straight forward with FastClose Designer, empowering your accounting teams from the start. Alternatively if time is short, your Epicor implementation partner can build out and deploy new reporting content for you rapidly, to your requirements.

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