Fast Powerful Reporting for Epicor, SAP Business One and Coda


for Report Power Users

Build your own reports without help from IT, with drill to detail or other related reports. Control and publish to end users. Lock down data in any dimension of your ERP, securing data by such facets as company, cost centre, account code and warehouse.

You've got the Power!
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Excel Plug In

for users that want to consume FastClose reporting live in Excel

Consume FastClose reports directly in Excel. Change dimension filters in real time and run reports live. Combine multiple reports in workbooks.

FastClose gives you the best of both worlds: controlled reports that deliver accurate numbers live in Excel for further analysis.
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Read & Navigate

for Executives to see live numbers safely, anytime

Live published reports allow managers and executives to see in real-time how the numbers are changing.

Drill down to transaction detail to spot problems early in the month or navigate to related reports that provide a different perspective.
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Are you burning the midnight oil at Month End?

Ever tried getting hold of an accountant at month end? Tricky. It's not that they are ignoring you but they have so much to do: Reconciling control accounts, producing flash reports, explaining variances, sorting out Excel errors and everything else that needs to be done at this time.

The reason that month end is so painful is that the visibility of the financial position only occurs at that point and accountants have to rely on error-prone Excel reports to resolve issues because ERP vendors rarely provide easy to use, drillable reporting tools.

FastClose ® is a Windows based product that puts the power back in the hands of the people that need it. The key difference is that reports can be run against live real-time data at any time so cost centre managers can see how their numbers change throughout the month and correct errors in the moment, rather than waiting at month end.

This means that the accounts' team can get home early at month end rather than burning the midnight oil. Now, that is something to be happy about!

ERP Reporting, an after-thought

Watch this video to understand why native ERP reporting is often poor and how we resolve that.

Key points
  • ERP systems struggle to deliver management reporting.
  • Business Intelligence solutions use costly OLAP (Onlne Analytical Processing) tools that can provide management reports but need significant IT support.
  • Spreadsheets are flexible but are prone to error, in calculations, data and multiple versions.

Accounting Intelligence, what is it?

FastClose ® self-service reporting for Accountants

Getting flexible, real-time, multi-dimensional operational reporting - with the capability of drilling to the detailed transactions out of your ERP system - might seem an easy task but it isn't. Your ERP Company has developed great software for transaction processing but this technology makes it hard to offer this type of reporting and analysis.

To solve this problem companies implement Business Intelligence (BI) solutions or rely heavily on spreadsheets for their operational reporting.

BI tools can be complex and costly to deploy but they give the audit control that enables centrally managed reporting. Spreadsheets whilst highly flexible and offering great pivot table functionality are rarely documented by their authors. And when that author leaves the company, many businesses just cross their fingers and keep using them whilst hoping that the numbers will be correct. Often with stale or manipulated data, these are called Data Shadow Systems and have many issues.

FastClose is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy, operational reporting and enquiry solution. FastClose enables you to quickly build powerful management reports directly against your ERP data at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a BI solution.

Built to work directly over the ERP tables FastClose comes with pre-built templates that are controlled by clicking and pointing to key dimensions such as Company, Account, Period, Year, Ledger Type, Customer, Vendor or any other dimensions that make up your ERP system.

We call this  “Accounting Intelligence” it has the ease of use of an iPhone, the flexibility of a spreadsheet but the control of a BI solution.