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Corporate Performance Management

Bridging the Gap Between Cloud and On-Premise

Overcome the limitations of cloud-based ERP interfaces and complex querying syntax whilst eliminating the need for additional data platforms.

FastClose delivered “On-Prem” or SaaS.

On-Premise to Cloud

Whilst the march toward a world entirely based on cloud-based solutions continues ever onward, in the realm of Corporate Performance Management (CPM), the migration to cloud computing is not without its challenges.

We recognize the growing popularity of cloud solutions among both suppliers and customers.

Suppliers love them for the repeat revenues whilst customers love them because of the elimination of capital expenditure on hardware and licencing, spread of cost and the reduction in need for IT skills in house.

However, this trend does pose certain challenges for CPM tools:

How do organizations usually resolve this?

Organizations facing the restrictions imposed by cloud computing, tend to go one of two routes to get the flexibility of SQL access:


Replicate the Data

Replicate the data to one or more external databases either in the cloud or on-prem. The issue here is the time lag, with data potentially refreshing overnight. More frequent updates coming at a cost. Additionally there are the associated hardware or cloud VM costs as well as the IT staff to manage it.


Use a Data Lake

Push the data to a cloud “data-lake” either in Azure or AWS integrating that onwards to analytic tools such as Power BI. Here, data is usually replicated more rapidly and the storage itself is inexpensive, but the data processing costs can spiral often unexpectedly due to usage to quite eye-watering levels and as for the consulting costs to build the analytics…

How is FastClose different?

We understands these challenges and have carved a niche by offering a unique solution leveraging both cloud and on-premise capabilities.

FastClose is pioneering a balanced approach to CPM, making it easier for businesses to adapt to technological shifts without compromising functionality.

Where many CPM solutions struggle to surmount the limitations of cloud-based APIs, FastClose goes the extra mile to get the most from them, finding ways around their limitations, eliminating the need to invest in additional replica or extraction databases solely to support SQL style queries.

Our unique approach streamlines data management, slashing implementation and operational costs.

Epicor Public Cloud Architecture

Versatility in Reporting and Data Analysis

FastClose offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to data analytics and reporting.

In Summary

As organizations oscillate between cloud and on-premise solutions in search of the perfect balance, FastClose emerges as a trailblazer offering the best of both worlds.

Its ability to directly connect to cloud databases and perform complex analytic queries via APIs sets it apart from competitors, reducing the need for additional databases and costly hardware.

Moreover, its versatile reporting features offer unparalleled flexibility, making it a comprehensive solution for Corporate Performance Management.

With FastClose, businesses no longer have to compromise between cloud agility and on-premise robustness, but can enjoy the benefits of both.

FastClose Hosting Options

Where customers have “On-prem” ERP solutions, FastClose is also hosted “On-prem” for access to the data.

However, for customers using cloud ERP providers it does make sense to host FastClose in the cloud as a SaaS slution. In this instance, FastClose can do this for you, taking care of server maintenance, security and deployment of regular product updates.

And of course a further benefit is that hosting makes FastClose easily accessible whilst on the move anywhere in the world.

FastClose clients

FastClose significantly streamlines our statutory and management consolidation processes across 10 companies and four currencies. Its real-time integration with the Epicor database assures the accuracy and dependability of our results.
John Rothery
Finance Director, Sportech Plc