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Corporate Performance Management

Planning & Budgeting

Using the FastClose Excel Addin, plan budgets, leveraging historical data and then upload to benchmark performance.

Unlike conventional solutions, FastClose maintains security and control by storing budgets internally while retrieving real-time financial data from the secure ERP database. This dual database approach ensures flexibility without compromising security.

FastClose Approach to Planning and Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are of course, indispensable in any business operation.

FastClose offers a unique, integrated approach that addresses the complexity in blending live actuals from your ERP system with data from your planning models, without compromising the integrity and security of your ERP system.

The Top 5 considerations for a Planning solution


Start with Historical Data

FastClose simplifies the planning process by


Use Real Time Actuals

By pulling actual financial data in real-time from the ERP database, FastClose:


Support Multiple Budgets for re-forecasting

The system’s flexibility is further extended by its capacity to store multiple budgets to facilitate re-forecasting during the year.

Businesses can adapt to changes and respond to new insights dynamically, whilst ensuring that they are always working with the most current data for decision-making.


Use a Holistic Approach to Span Business Functions

While many budgeting and planning solutions focus narrowly on the general ledger, FastClose recognizes that planning extends far beyond the accounting department.

With its innovative solution, FastClose allows for planning and reporting across a multitude tables in your ERP, providing a holistic approach aligned with the diverse needs of a modern business.

This enables FastClose to accommodate planning requirements not just in the general ledger but in other critical business areas such as sales, projects, inventory and manufacturing.

By enabling planning and reporting over any table in the ERP system, FastClose enables businesses to develop more comprehensive plans for the future.


Balance Security and Flexibility

FastClose does not sidestep the security and control that ERP systems are designed to provide.

In Summary

FastClose innovative approach to budgeting and planning ensures that businesses no longer have to choose between flexibility and security.

FastClose clients

For nearly a year, we’ve been utilizing FastClose in conjunction with Epicor’s public cloud, and it has proven to be indispensable for our reporting and inquiry requirements. The real-time connectivity with Epicor’s public cloud is crucial, instilling confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our data.
Kim Garroni
Assistant Controller