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Corporate Performance Management


Providing access to key organizational information is not risk free.

FastClose utilizes an integrated security framework that not only protects sensitive information but also empowers businesses to maintain control over key reports, graphics, and KPIs.`

Don't sidestep your ERP security

Configuring FastClose to pass through the credentials of the user to the ERP particularly through the use of ‘Single Sign On’ allows us to take advantage of the existing security measures and restrictions set up on a user and group basis within the database or ERP and deliver a seamless single sign-on experience.

User & Group Permissions for Seamless Management

FastClose offers a comprehensive permissions system that provides a spectrum of access levels based on user need.


User and Group Permissions

Users or Groups of Users can be assigned administrative, designer, or read-only rights on a report by report or folder basis ensuring that only authorized personnel can interact with sensitive data.

Assign to the role, not the individual.

Configuring access to reports and folders at the group level of granularity is particularly useful for managerial transitions.

Doing this enables newcomers to seamlessly take on an existing role and assume management of reports and other CPM functions without the need to set permissions on an individual basis.


Dimension Security: A Step Beyond

FastClose dimension security is a unique feature that allows for granular control over data within the ERP.

It can prevent cost center managers from seeing other cost center reports or hide sensitive GL accounts that are not within their remit, such as salaries.

A powerful side effect of dimension security is that it allows a single report or dashboard to be customized for multiple users. Elements that a user does not have permission to view are either not selectable in filters or are automatically excluded from reports. This eliminates the need to create duplicate report versions to accommodate various security levels, simplifying both the design and consumption process.

The FastClose Server product underwent architectural penetration testing with industry leaders CovertSwarm in May 2023.

The Reader product will undergo similar testing shortly.


FastClose comprehensive approach to security and control delivers a vital requirement of Corporate Performance Management.

With its integrated security framework, group permission features, and powerful dimension security, FastClose ensures that sensitive information remains protected while still offering the flexibility and functionality required for effective CPM.

It’s a robust solution that addresses both the complexity and the importance of security in today’s business environment

FastClose clients

FastClose offers an impressive array of pre-canned templates across most Epicor modules, simplifying the data selection process for Power BI integration. This eliminated the need for IT department involvement as FastClose handles complex table joins.
Kirsten Croud
Accounts Assistant,Elstead lighting