FastClose ® self-service reporting for Accountants
not "IT"and the problem that we are solving? 


Getting flexible, real-time, multi-dimensional operational reporting - with the capability of drilling to the detailed transactions out of your ERP system - might seem an easy task but it isn't. Your ERP Company has developed great software for transaction processing but can’t offer this type of reporting and analysis; as their technology is not built to offer these types of enquiries.

To solve this problem companies implement Business Intelligence (BI) tools or rely heavily on spreadsheets for their operational reporting.

BI tools can be complex and costly to deploy, but they give you the audit control that enables you to centrally manage reporting. Spreadsheets, however are totally flexible and have great pivot table functionality although finding any documentation on how they are built is unlikely. When the author of a very complex spreadsheet leaves the company, many businesses just keep on running the reports, and keep their fingers firmly crossed that the numbers will be correct. These systems are called Data Shadow Systems and have many issues.

FastClose is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy operational reporting and enquiry solution. FastClose enables you to quickly build powerful management reports directly against your ERP data at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a BI system.

Built to work directly off the ERP tables FastClose uses prebuilt templates that are filled in by clicking and pointing to key dimensions like Company, Account Ranges, Period, Year, Ledger Type, Customer, Vendor etc. In fact all the dimensions that make up your ERP system.

We call this  “Accounting Intelligence” it has the ease of use of an iPhone, the flexibility of a spreadsheet but the control of a BI solution.