What’s new in 2.5?

User Experience

  • The Designer and Reader applications have received a ‘makeover’ to the User Interface, bringing them more in to line with recent versions of Microsoft Office.
  • As part of the makeover, to reduce visual clutter, filter buttons are only displayed when the mouse moves over the filter.
  • The Formatting and Display ribbon tabs have been combined into a single tab.

Context Sensitive Help

  • FastClose now includes context sensitive help. The user can get guidance wherever they are in the product by pressing the F1 key. This opens the relevant help page in a browser, with translation if English is not the user’s native language.


  • This release unifies the work done in our previous, targeted 2.4.x releases to support
    • the Nextworld ERP platform
    • Epicor Cloud platforms
    with our traditional Epicor and SAP Business One on-premise platforms. Customers using these products can report over them in real-time seeing up to the second data, without the need for a VPN or the use of costly replication databases.

New and Improved Features

On the Designer Main Screen

  • The user may select a range of cells in the results grid
    • When doing so, the sum and count of the numbers selected is displayed in the status bar. If you select just two number cells, the difference is also displayed.
    • The content of the range can be copied to the clipboard using the Ctrl-C keyboard shortcut, for pasting into Excel or elsewhere.
    • Date filters now have their own specialized selection dialog which lets the user easily choose a fixed date, a date range, or today’s date
  • The Row Subtotal and Column Subtotal features have been separated in the ribbon
    • making it possible to use column subtotals at the same time as a hierarchy is displayed in the rows.
  • Formatting:
    • Much improved colour pickers throughout the product.
    • It is now possible to copy and paste column formats.


  • The Excel Add-In now includes a new “Linked Filters” feature which synchronizes filters across multiple worksheets in a workbook. This allows the user to change the Fiscal Period selection in one worksheet, for example, and all the linked worksheets will update as well.
  • Progress is reported while loading reports after a workbook has been opened.
  • The Diagnostics dialog has been renamed Workbook Options, and now lets the user:
    • include or exclude individual worksheets from the ‘Run All Reports’ command
    • break the link between FastClose and individual worksheets, or the whole workbook, which is useful if they never need to be refreshed again.



  • Margins Cube: Now takes Labour Costs into account as well as materials
  • Purchase Order Processing:
    • Container shipping cubes added. These display goods being imported by sea, estimated arrival times etc…
    • Brand new Purchase Order Release cube and template to relate released goods, to those receipted and tie up with invoicing.
    • Invoice header information (inc: Invoiced!) now available
  • Sales Order Processing:
    • The Quotes cube now includes a reason dimension describing whether the quote was taken forward and if not, the reason.
    • Invoice header information (inc: Invoiced flag) now available
  • AP Invoice Detail Cube extended to show when invoiced goods were receipted.
  • Manufacturing:
    • Bill Of Material revisited. Accurately displays aggregated material costs for an assembly taking into account scrap etc…
    • Bill of Material also now supported for Epicor Cloud
    • Job Assemblies Cube: Provides many more measures than previously
    • Last Part Vendor dimension added to many cubes (also in Inventory) – displays the most recent supplier of a particular part
  • National Account better supported


  • Both AR and AP Statements and Aging were largely rewritten during the lifetime of 2.3.x and now accurately reconcile to the statements produced by SAP B1 even capturing the impact of exchange rate fluctuations. Now in this release, they can also be run “As Of” a particular date in the past.
  • Journals can now be linked to Deliveries, Returns, Quotations and Goods Receipted
  • Cubes added Sales Quotations, Delivery
  • Dimensions added including
    • “User” across the GL modules
    • Tax extension, Customer and Supplier Groups (including for parent companies), Employee and Territory (wherever the Customer dimension is used)
  • Added link to the GL Account dimension to many “detail” cubes – making it possible to see how a subledger impacts the GL