Reporting for Epicor

With FastClose, we tackle reports we would never have considered possible with our previous toolset! Peter - C&F

Epicor delivers first-class ERP software. It provides an immensely powerful chart of accounts, with over 20 segments, many of which can be automatically posted to, with no manual intervention. It is multi-company, multi-currency, and can support books with monthly, weekly, and even yearly accounting periods, all at the same time.

To fully unleash the potential of Epicor, and it’s finance features, best-in-breed reporting is needed. To this end, FastClose unites the power of the ERP system – with all-encompassing reporting options – to provide truly multi-dimensional reporting. In essence, FastClose supercharges the power of Epicor’s system.

So, Epicor reporting – whether for General Ledger, Sales, Warehousing, Manufacturing, or beyond – can be a challenge. But how does FastClose actually solve problems and create value? FastClose ships with easily-modified, predefined Epicor reporting templates; they offer drill links to the underlying detail, or related sub-ledgers, allowing you to follow the money and the story of its flow, in seconds. Reports can be shared with other members of the accounts team or business unit managers.

FastClose was designed from the ground up to be really easy to use, real-time P&L, Balance Sheets and other Epicor Financial Reports can be built in minutes. 

FastClose delivers access to a broad array of templates spanning the full spectrum of Epicor Reporting and Financial Reporting functionality:

General Ledger,

Accounts Receivable,

Accounts Payable,

Sales Order Processing,

Purchase Order Processing,


Fixed Assets,

Demand Management



and Drop Shipments


Pull data and lay it out as you wish, style to get the right look and feel. Create new insight through the use of calculations, hierarchies and other power features.

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Excel is an essential tool for the management team. With the FastClose Excel add-in, they can work with any number of pre-built FastClose reports, changing filters in real-time delivering up to the minute data that can be used to build "What-If" models, or other reports, on the data retrieved.

With Read & Drill, reporting users can consume selected reports whilst amending filters such as Month or Department to get the view they need. With drill down to detail or across to related subledgers.

FastClose takes the pain out of delivering PowerBI dashboards and other content. Leveraging it's skill at extracting, enriching and delivering data - FastClose can also be integrated as a datasource to PowerBI with ease.

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Get Started

With installation and configuration possible in as little as 40 minutes, contact us and we will connect you with one of our implementation partners (if one exists for your area), or get you up and running ourselves.
Contact us  to arrange installation and connection to your Epicor instances
FastClose can be installed and connected to your Epicor instances, complete with out-of-the-box content in around 40 minutes. Where you have more than one instance, FastClose can combine and consolidate results into a single unified report.

FastClose Users for Epicor
With FastClose, users immediately benefit from out-of-the-box content.

However, there will inevitably be reporting needs that are specific to the way you do business.

Creating your own reports starting with our templates or samples is straight forward with FastClose Designer, empowering your accounting teams from the start. 

However it is also true that particularly in smaller teams, team members are so pushed for time, they just don't have the space to do this themselves. With "FastCose Designer" your Epicor implementation partner can build out and deploy new reporting content for you rapidly, to your requirements.