Rapid ROI

FastClose installs in less than an hour and you will be using it as soon as the installation has finished. Key information that previously had been hard to find is now just a mouse click away. In one week you would have learnt a few more tips and tricks by watching our online videos and by the end of the month you would have paid for the product in the time that you have saved.

As you start to use FastClose you will find that it’s the first thing you turn on in the morning and the last thing you switch off. You won’t remember going into your ERP software for information anymore as FastClose is so easy and gives so much insight into your business.

Now you can start interpreting the data rather than spending time producing it and what’s more, you know it’s accurate as it works off the tables in your ERP system.

The only problem now is that everyone in the accounts department will want a copy as you finish your work twice as quickly as everyone else!


Rapid ROI

Up and running in less than an hour

Pay for itself in one month