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What’s new in 2.3


With FastClose 2.3 we now ship solution content that is ready to report with, out of the box

  • Management reports such as a P&L or Balance Sheets 
  • Sales Analysis with drills that slice data in different ways

And templates as always, remain as a starting point to build your own reports.

New Reporting Features

  • Add report titles that take parameters from your report, with formatting
  • Set parameterised column headers and format them
  • “Quick” column headers to rapidly configure report headers to look better

Improved User Interface

  • Improvements to dragging from the Field Explorer
  • The right click menu in the grid provides access to even more functionality reducing the need to dive down into sub-screens
  • Formatting can be changed on most items without having to re-rerun the report
  • And a variety of predefined styles are available to rapidly change the look of a report
  • Totals and Hierarchies have been split into separate screens to make them easier to use and the hierarchy editor given a face-lift and makeover
  • Variables can now be set directly from the main filter area as can “as-of” controls for aged debt reports

Other Minor Features

  • Export whole folder trees of reports
  • Report versioning with ability to add a save comment and revert to earlier versions
  • Calculations: New syntax to total the items selected in a particular dimension