Budgeting – Can you Help?

As part of a major new initiative FastClose are looking to add budgeting and planning smarts to the FastClose product.

Whilst we already have a fair bit of experience in this area and believe we understand the issues, nevertheless to get it right, we wish to understand our users experience and perspective of budgeting with Epicor, to make what we deliver even better, for example:

  • What parts of your current budgeting process are easy, and which cause pain?

If you’re involved in your organisation’s budgeting process and could spare half an hour to talk us about your experience we would greatly appreciate it. And as a token of that appreciation, early adopters that help us tune the specification will benefit from a 50% reduction in the module price when it is delivered.

You can find out more on where we are with the specification here:

Please do contact us to get involved.