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FastClose delivers Control Account and GRNI Reconciliation Webinar to Epicor User Group

How to tackle Epicor Control Account reconciliation, and GRNI reconciliation with FastClose.

FastClose were delighted to deliver a webinar to the US arm of the Epicor User Group, 9th February 2023.

As it’s theme, the session discussed how to identify issues on the subledger control accounts in the GL, and an in depth look at how you can use FastClose to trouble shoot issues around Goods Received Not Invoiced. See the Webinar below.

Key Moments:

00:00 – Introduction

02:00 – Epicor as a subledger system

04:00 – How to get an overview of issues across all your GL subledger control accounts

08:00 – The Epicor GL: Balances, Journals and the TranGLC tables – surfing from summary to detail and subledgers

13:00 – The Audit Solution Report and the TranGLC

13:45 – Reconciling GL Work In Progress to Project Ledger (Project reporting out of the GL)

19:10 – Reconciling the Epicor AR Control Account in GL to the AR Subledger

24:20 – GRNI Poll – How many sites believe their GRNI report matches the GL GRNI control account?

80% of respondents said that their GRNI report does NOT match the General Ledger control account

Webinar Poll

29:30 – Reconciling Epicor Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI)

32:30 – Trouble shooting the Purchasing and AP subledgers to fix the source data (and avoid GL journal entries)

39:00 – Reconciling subledger transactions to the GL GRNI control account

45:20 – In summary: GRNI the scale of the problem

46:20 – Pulling together an Epicor control account audit pack with the FastClose Excel Addin

48:00 – Stock Reconciliation : Matching PartTran transactions to the GL

51:00 – Close

FastClose would like to thank the Epicor User Group for the opportunity to present and hope our attendees found the session useful.

Further Information

To start using FastClose to tackle your Epicor control account reconciliation problems