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FastClose Delivers Planning and Budgeting Solution for Epicor and SAP B1

Planning and Budgeting

FastClose, a pioneer in real-time corporate performance management solutions, proudly announces the launch of its unique and highly anticipated Planning and Budgeting solution initially for Epicor and SAP Business One (SAP B1) users (further ERPs to follow). 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, corporate performance management, going beyond FP&A, is critical for organizations striving to achieve operational efficiency and overall growth. To quote the adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”, analysis against planned forecasts and budgets are at the centre of managing corporate growth. 

FastClose, recognizing this need, has developed comprehensive Planning and Budgeting capabilities to empower Epicor and SAP B1 users with intuitive tools for a seamless financial planning process. 

Key highlights of FastClose’s Planning and Budgeting solution include:

 Real-Time integration with Excel enables budget holders to leverage the full functionality of Excel. All the formulas & modeling power that the team is so familiar with are at their fingertips requiring no further training; their existing skills allow them to seamlessly build budget models that deliver data direct to FastClose templates, even allowing links to other more detailed models for those more fine-grained budget processes.

Unlimited Planning Scenarios make it possible to budget, forecast, and reforecast as often as needed, supporting multiple budget cycles and rolling forecasts that help support managers understand what is really going on, and keep the business on track.

Excel upload

Simple upload to any planning scenario in the FastClose Planning repository using our Excel Add-in, drives speed and efficiency.

Seamless integration of Actual and Planning data when planning and reporting: Access real-time data from Epicor and SAP B1 alongside planning data held in FastClose simultaneously, without the need to transfer secure ERP data to FastClose or any other database, ensuring data integrity for seamless and accurate integration.

Full use of FastClose powerful Reporting capabilities: Generate insightful reports and analytics to monitor performance against plans, identify trends, and seamlessly report over blended actual and budget data as the year progresses, facilitating the creation of rolling forecasts for enhanced decision-making and performance evaluation. 


We are thrilled to introduce our Planning and Budgeting solution for Epicor and SAP B1 users. With this module, we add another pillar to our Real-Time  Corporate Performance Management solution, extending beyond traditional Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), providing organizations with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive business environment at a cost they can afford and with minimal implementation time.
Nick Gomersall
CEO, FastClose


FastClose offers the flexibility to budget at any given level. The user could decide to enter a budget that covers all divisions or chose to do something more fine-grained by individual divisions, along with unlimited scenarios and revisions. The ability to enter planned budgets can be controlled by user or group, specifying periods, years, divisions, etc. that budgets can be submitted for.
Nick Christie
CTO, FastClose

It takes just a few moments to set up and costs just a fraction of the price of some of the traditional planning products available, while also not overwhelming staff with training requirements or saddling the IT team with a complex system to maintain. 

With setup and configuration in as little as 15 minutes, FastClose’s Planning and Budgeting solution for Epicor and SAP B1 is available to trial or implement now. For more information or to schedule a demo:

Or find out about how Planning and Budgeting fits into out holistic CPM offering here.

Or watch Nick Gomersall deliver a webinar on Planning and budgeting here.